Hers's what people say about me

"For over 20 years John Marcon was our Controller and Human Resources Manager. He maintained confidential financial information and engaged people with compassion, understanding and honesty. John was the heart and soul of our company. I would confide in him on both business and personal matters, seeking his advice and counsel."

- Fred P. , Business Owner

"John Marcon has that rare gift of financial insight coupled with the highest degree of personal integrity. You can rest assured that John will always look out for your family’s best interest and patiently walk you through the complicated issues that can arise. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with John for many years to come."

- Jim S. , Business Owner

"I have known John Marcon for almost 20 years. I have always admired and respected John’s character and integrity when dealing with difficult people and situations. John has the unique ability to listen, digest the information and offer the right advice even when you may not be ready to hear the truth. I value John as a close and trusted friend."

- Neil F. , Director of Sales, Patriot Environmental Services

"I have known John professionally for over 30 years. In that time, I have not met a more trustworthy or reliable professional. I trust no one more than John to care for my family’s financial needs. I trusted him to run our company for over 25 years and I would trust his sound judgement and character to manage my personal fiduciary needs."

- Bob S. , Business Owner

"During the 20 years we worked together, I came to know the quality of John’s work and character. John was so good, that the employees would seek out his advice for HR issues as well as issues in their personal lives. John is a good listener and offers thoughtful and informed counsel. He is ethical, hardworking, supportive, honest, optimistic, genuine, devoted, sharp and ever cheerful."

- Kent O. , President, D3 Environmental Engineering